2 Vehicle MVA with Rollover – Frankstown Rd.

225 Engine and 227 Rescue were alerted around 12:30 early Friday morning for a reported 2 vehicle accident with rollover and entrapment. Police arrived updating one vehicle on its roof with patient self extricated, another vehicle with 1 patient still in the vehicle with minor entrapment. Crews arrived and extricated 1 patient and assisted EMS with packaging. Medic 380 Transported to local Trauma center. Units remained on scene for about a hour providing lighting and debris/ fluid clean up.

Command: 225 Chief (McMeekin)

Units: 225 Engine,227 Rescue,380,PHPD

1-16-2015 A 1-16-2015

Dwelling Fire – Churchill Boro.

Station 225 was alerted into Churchill Boro. for a 2nd Alarm Dwelling Fire. On 122 Chiefs Arrival the Call was immediately upgraded due to fire thru the roof and Heavy fire showing from the Delta Side. Crews faced water problems due to frozen hydrants with sub zero Temps and below zero wind chills. Tool several hours to bring the fire under control due to conditions. No injuries were reported and everyone made it our safe.

Command: 122 Chief ( Zatlin)


Thon Dr. – Fatal Structure Fire

Early Christmas Morning Station 225 was called for a Residential Structure Fire with Reported entrapment. On arrival Crews were faced with Extreme Conditions and made a great effort to make entry only to be pushed out but worsening condition. Crews Operated on scene for several hours. Fire is under investigation with the PH Fire Marshal and ACFM. Thad Stevens VFD would like to send our Thoughts and Prayers to the Family and Friends.

Thon Dr 1  Thon Dr. 3 Thon Dr. 4Thon Dr. 2

Verona Rd @ Mt. Carmel Rd. – Vehicle Roll Over

225EN and 227R were alerted around 2:30am for a vehicle accident, vehicle reported to be on its roof with entrapment. 225EN and 225 Asst. arrived finding a single Vehicle on its roof with the drive self extricated down in the roadway. Medic 380 assumed patient care and assignment was held to 225EN. Crews stood by until the vehicle was up righted and did some fluid containment and Debris clean up.

Command: 225 Chief (McMeekin)

Units:225EN,225 Asst.,Medic 380,PHPD

Verona Rd bVerona Rd d

Vehicle Rollover – Allegheny River Blvd

225,222 & 223 were alerted for a 2 Vehicle Accident Early Wednesday morning reporting 1 mini van reported on it roof with 1 patient trapped. 222 Rescue and 225 Engine arrived finding 1 mini van on it side with 1 patient still in the vehicle. Crew stabilized the Vehicle and Removed the windshield to access the patient. Patient was packaged and transported to a local trauma center by EMS. 2 Other patients from the second vehicle we evaluated by EMS.

Command: 222 LT. (Fitzhenry)

Units: 222R,225EN,223EN,M155,M380



Station 225 and Rescue 227 were alerted for a report of a Vehicle into a Structure at Penn Hills Rental on Frankstown Rd. 225 Engine Arrived with 225 Asst. establishing command with a single vehicle into the structure with moderate structural damage, and electrical hazards due to the building service being wrapped around the vehicle.Driver self extricated prior to arrival of emergency crews. Crews secured the gas meter and notified the utility company. After the power was secured and disconnected at the pole the car was removed from the building and units picked up and returned after being on scene for about 1hour.

Command: 225 Asst. (Stadelman)



Chadwick St. – Dumpster Fire

221 Engine & 225 Engine were alerted for a Reported Dumpster on Fire. Units Arrived finding a Dumpster well off. Stretched a single Attack line from 221 Squad and extinguished the fire. Cause of the fire was unknown.

Command: 221 Asst. (Kuhn)

Units: 221SQ,225EN


2700 Robinson Blvd. – Vehicle Fire

Station 225 was called to the 2700 Block of Robinson Blvd. for a reported vehicle fire. 225 station reported smoke visible from the station. 225 EN went in service and called out on scene seconds later with a working Vehicle fire. Crews Pulled the 1.5″ attack line from the bumper and extinguished the fire. Units returned about 30min later.

Command: 225 Chief (McMeekin Sr.)

Units: 225EN, 225TK

Valmar car 2 Valmar Car1

4237 Verona Rd.-Dairy Queen- Vehicle into the Stucture

Enigine 225, Rescue 227,222 were called to the Dairy Queen for a Report a Vehicle Into the Building, Unknown entrapment, 225 Engine arrived with 225 Asst. Establishing Command finding a full size pickup truck with a landscaping trailer deep into the building.with broken gas lines in the structure, and a large amount of gas in the building, Engine crew immediately secured the gas meter and utilities and set up ventilation while another crew worked on clearing the incident of patients. 4 people in the vehicle self extricated thru the rear window and 2 employees were assisted out of the structure thru a rear entrance and a window. Ems transported 5 Patients including workers from the Dairy Queen all with Non life threatening injuries. Incident was held with 225EN and 227RQ. Units remained on scene until the Vehicle was removed. Once removed McMeekin Construction Stabilized and boarded up the effected areas of the structure.

Command: 225 Asst. Chief (Stadelman)

Units:225EN,227R,Medic 380,PHPD,

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