700 Blk Beulah Rd – MVC

Engine 225 and Rescue 227 were called to the 700 Blk of Beulah Rd around 8:30pm. EMS arrived on scene reporting a single vehicle into a utility pole with heavy front end damage, and power lines down. 227 and 225 Engines arrived finding a mini van with Heavy damage and Service lines down from multiple homes. Ultility Companies were notified, EMS evaluated 1 Patient and Fire Dept Remained on scene for about 35min while ultility companies secured the power to down line. Once Hazards were secure scene was turned over to police and Fire and EMS returned.

Command : 225 Chief (McMeekin Sr.)

Units: 225EN,227EN,MEDIC 380,PHPD


Mutual Aid Run to Verona Boro – Dwelling Fire – E. Railroad Ave.

Sunday Afternoon station 285 was called for a reported Dwelling on fire. Police arrived confirming a working fire, filling the assignment with stations 224 & 216. 285 Chief arrived assuming command and requested 225 Truck to the scene. 225 Truck arrived on scene and met with Command and Command assigned 225 Truck to vent the roof. Crews laddered the structure and vented the roof. Crews worked for several hours to ring the fire under control. Fire is under investigation.

Command: 285 Chief ( Suchevich)

Side Bravo Ops/Roof Ops: 225 Asst. (Stadelman)

Side Charlie Ops: 285 Asst. (Geggetta)

Interior Joint Ops:224 Chief (Robbins),222 Chief(Sanford)


Snapshot 1 (3-24-2014 3-01 PM) Snapshot 2 (3-24-2014 3-03 PM) Snapshot 3 (3-24-2014 3-05 PM) Snapshot 4 (3-24-2014 3-07 PM)

Mutual Aid Into Churchill Borough – Dwelling Fire

225 Truck was called into Churchill Borough Monday Afternoon for a Working Dwelling Fire on Beulah Rd. Command Reporting Heavy Smoke on Arrival. 225 Truck Crew Assisted  with Ventilation, Overhaul and Hot Spots. The Fire was Contained to the Kitchen Area. The fast work of the attack crew that made a fast aggressive knock down holding the fire to the room or origin. good work by all crews on scene.

Command: 122 Chief (Zatlin)


Laketon Rd. – Vehicle Into Structure

Early Sunday Morning near the 2am Hour Station 225 was struck for a Vehicle into a Residence with the vehicle reported on fire 225 Truck Arrived, 225 Chief Establishing Command. Units Found a single Vehicle Into a Structure with Heavy damage to the Vehicle as well as the Structure and a Down Utility Pole with no fire conditions. All Utilities were notified and all utilities were secured to the residence. 2 Patients transported by EMS to local Trauma centers. 225 Units remained on scene for almost 2hrs assisting Police with Lighting. Code Enforcement was notified due to the structure being unstable and Units returned.

Command: 225 Chief (McMeekin Sr.)

Units: 225TK,225EN,227TK,222EN,221SQ,PH EMS,PHPD.

Laketon Rd 3-1-1403022014_010 Laketon Rd 3-1-1403022014_012

8884 Westwood Rd. – Rekindled Dwelling Fire

Stations 225,221,227,222 were alerted just after 8am Sunday Morning for Smoke and Fire coming from the Dwelling that was Previously on Fire Saturday night. Units arrived Finding Moderate Smoke Showing. 225 Asst Established Command and Held the Detail to Units on scene. Crews Used Pike poles the Pull Apart Burning Materials from the Windows and Utilized Foam to Extinguish Hot Spots. Crews Operated for about 1Hour 45Min and then Returned in service.

Command: 225 Asst.Chief (Stadelman)

Units: 225EN,221EN,227TK,PH EMS



8884 Westwood Rd. – Dwelling Fire

Stations 225,221,227,222,223RIT were alerted around 10pm Saturday night for a reported House on fire. Units arrived finding heavy fire and smoke showing. Companies went into Defensive mode protecting the Exposure on the Bravo side while the next in crew started Stretching on the actual Structure on Fire. Crew Utilized several Large Diameter Attack lines and a Aerial Truck to Extinguish the fire. 4 Firefighters were transported with minor injuries and were released from the Hospital shortly after being checked. Companies Operated for a Little over 4 hours on Scene.

Command: 225 Chief (McMeekin Sr.)

Units: 225EN,225TK,221EN,221TK,222EN,223EN,227TK,PH EMS,PHPD,ACFM.

Westwood3Westwood2Westwood 1


10028 Frankstown Rd. – MVC (Entrapment)

Company 225, and Rescue Company 227 were alerted for a MVC, vehicle into a utility pole with possible entrapment. PD arrived on scene and gave an initial report of one vehicle into a pole, and up against a wall. Heavy front end damage and confirmed one patient entrapped. 225 Engine arrived on scene, 225 Assistant established command. Engine crew stabilized the vehicle with step chocks in preparation for extrication. 227 Rescue arrived moments later. Crews from both the Rescue & Engine utilized 227 Rescue’s hydraulic spreaders on both front doors to make quick access to the patient. Once patient access was made, crews assisted EMS with patient packaging and loading. Patient was transported to a trauma center for treatment. Units remained on scene to provide lighting for the PHPD Traffic Division’s investigation. Units cleared after the vehicle was removed by 3394.

Command: 225 Assistant (Stadelman)
Rescue Ops: 227 Assistant (Davis)

Units: 225EN, 227RQ, M380, PHPD

10740 Fransktown Rd. – Carbon Monoxide Incident

Companies 225 & 227 were alerted for a smell of gas inside the Rite Aid pharmacy in the Ritzland Shopping center. 227 Truck arrived on scene with 227 Chief establishing command. 227 Truck Crew initially found moderate readings of Carbon Monoxide and a odor of propane gas. 222 Engine was added to the assignment. 225 Engine arrived on scene, command was transferred to 225 Assistant. 222 Engine was spotted on the Charlie side to assist crews from 225EN & 227TK in gaining access to the subdivision. A valve on a propane powered forklift in the basement was found to be not fully closed. Crews checked the subdivision as well as other business in the plaza all except for a few had moderate readings of CO gas. All affected stores were evacuated. Command requested People’s gas expedite a technician to the scene. Cause of the CO gas was narrowed down to one of the rooftop HVAC units on the roof of the Rite Aid. Gas was secured to the HVAC units, and affected stores whose managers complied with orders to remain on scene were ventilated. EMS evaluated patients. Units returned as they picked up.

Command: 225 Assistant (Stadelman)

Units: 225EN, 225SVC, 227TK, 222EN, M380

Robinson Blvd. @ Station 225 – Motor Vehicle Crash

Companies 225 & 221 were alerted for a MVC, vehicle into a utility pole, with reports of the vehicle on fire, and injuries. Directly in front of Station 225. Units arrived on scene to find a vehicle into a utility pole, vehicle fully involved. Crew from 221 provided medical care for the injured occupants. 225 EN stretched an 1.5″ on the vehicle for fire attack. Crews returned as they picked up.

Command: 225 Chief (McMeekin Sr)

Units: 225 EN, 221 SQ, 221 EN2, 221 CV

image Photo by 225 FF Barren

Sycamore Dr – Structure Fire

225 was alerted on the fill for a Residential Structure Fire. Crews arrived on scene to find a chimney fire. 225 TK arrived and assisted crews from 227, 222, 226 & 196 on scene. Fire was contained to the chimney, units returned as they picked up.

Command: 227 FF (Zamora)

Units: 227SVC, 222EN, 226EN, 196RQ, 225TK